Brian is a university professor from Glasgow
and originally played bass in the 60's
with Polydor band The Denvers.

After not picking up the guitar in 40 years
he has restarted from a beginner's level.
Brian has been learning to play songs from classic
guitar icons such as: The Beatles, Eric Clapton
, James Taylor,
Van Morrison, Mark Knopfler and Simon & Gartfunkel.

Alan and myself have been playing music together for many years.
His primary instrument is the bass guitar so
if you are looking for bass guitar lessons please let us know.
Alan has over 30 years experience within the music industry
and is himself a multi-talented musician
He has been a musical director at the Gaiety theatre and
also taught youth groups around Ayrshire.
He plays bass and keyboards for our own collaboration the
instrumental guitar band 2B Instrumental.

Jim from Prestwick is now retired and wanted
to use some of his free time playing music.
He had a bit of playing experience beforehand
but was still trying to get to grips with the guitar.

He has been attending lessons for a few
years now and after learning various
songs and techniques his playing has
improved enough to enable him to sing
and play guitar at a local music club.


Bryce plays the pipes at various functions around Scotland
so he already had a lot of musical experience.

Though the guitar was still quite a new instrument for him
Bryce realized early on the importance of practicing
and has been learning various traditional and
contemporary songs on his guitar.

Keith from Ayr

Jim from Kilmarnock

Ian from Coylton

Steve from Kilmarnock

Jim from Ayr

Anna from Prestwick

Eilidh from Prestwick

Rob and Richard from Prestwick

All lessons are one to one tuition.

If you would like to learn to play the guitar - please let me know.